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Jim Marshall Farms Foundation, Inc.

Interview with "Doc";
an audio slideshow made by Willson Cummer

 2024 Kathryn Fish Lecture Series 
All speakers are scheduled from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m.  All lectures are designed to help and educate on the desiganted topic.

Our lecture series is dedicated to the late Kathryn Fish; one of our late Board members and great friends.  She made it to every single lecture, which is why we have dedicated this series in her name.

2024 Lecture Series

Lectures are held on Sundays from 1 – 2 pm.


  •      April 21:  Dr. Nasri Ghaly - "Dementia"
  •     May 19:  Tania Anderson, Esq. - "Arise: Empowering                                         Individuals with Disabilities" 
  •     June 16: Pastor Cooper Young - "Anxious for Anything"
  •     July 21:  Mina Bradley-Cauger - "Another Look at                                              Practicing Good Mental Health"
  •     Aug 18:  Dr. Jim Marshall - "Horses I've Known"
  •     Sep 15:  Dr. Christina Michaelson - "Are You Happy?"
  •     Oct 20:   Mary Sorrendino - "Cognitive Therapy - A                                            Spiritual Connection #2"        
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