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Jim Marshall Farms Foundation, Inc.

Interview with "Doc";
an audio slideshow made by Willson Cummer


"The mission of the Jim Marshall Farms Foundation, Inc. is to assist persons of all ages, especially our youth, managing mental illness, physical or developmental disability, or any other problem causing despair, and including persons close to those who are so involved to live fuller happier lives."


Our most urgent interest is the prevention of suicide and to help those feeling despair to find a happy productive life.


Our motto: When you help someone you help yourself!


We utilize a beautiful eighty-four acre horse farm integrating people helping people, animals helping people, as well as professionals helping people.


The exposure to the life affirming miracle of birth, the unconditional love of animals, and Mother Nature's Magic, and connecting with others are the therapeutic values we feature at this unique rural setting.

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Where animals help people!

Jim Marshall Farms Foundation, Inc.
1978 New Boston Road
Chittenango, NY 13037
Phone: 315-552-0612
Fax: 315-687-5071