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Jim Marshall Farms Foundation, Inc.

Interview with "Doc";
an audio slideshow made by Willson Cummer

During the last decade it has become widely accepted and researched that animal ownership, contact, and assistance in therapy and education have a multitude of positive effects on human beings. Interacting with animals positively influences individual's social interactions in ways that include trust and empathy building, aggression reduction and management, and positive mood shifts. At the Jim Marshall Farms Foundation, we provide our visitors with the opportunity to interact with animals and reap the benefits that creating a special, caring relationship with an animal can bring. The animals greatly look forward to the company and they benefit from the gift your loving visits bring them as well. 

Karen Schwarz
Karen Schwarz

Karen is a self-described "vehicle for change", who enjoys working with clients motivated to improve their lives, particularly individuals and couples with relationship concerns. She is a licensed mental health counselor, a certified alcohol and substance abuse counselor, a national board certified clinical hypnotherapist, and a certified master nuerolinguistic programmer. She has provided mental health and chemical dependency counseling in both the private and public sector since 1984, has supervised other counselors, and has directed an outpatient chemical dependency program. She has presented trainings to other professionals on counselor ethics, counselor/client relationships, diagnosing substance abuse and dependence, hypnosis, and group therapy process.

If you would like to work with Karen Schwarz, you may reach her directly at 315.289.6107.

You may also visit her website at

These are the therapists who are currently seeing individuals at our farm in this beautiful rural setting. Don't forget to ask your therapist about "Walk and Talk" therapy offered on our people track (weather permitting).

Payments and fees can be discussed with your individual therapist. Many insurances are covered, private pay fees are accepted. Please ask about these services if you are in need of assistance. 

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